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Data is coming at us from every direction. Everyone seems to be collecting it, analyzing it, profiting from it and talking about it. Whether we’re talking about web analytics or consumer purchase history, demographic, psychographic or behavioral data, it’s all out there for the taking. But, determining what to do with it is what counts. That’s where we step in. Unlocking the core truths of relevant data, we will develop a clear actionable plan to achieve your objectives.

Utilizing data is one thing, converting it into prospects, customers, brand advocates, brand value and revenue is quite another. We combine the power of data with creativity to deliver rich, engaging brand experiences. By harnessing and embracing this combination, we can develop storytelling that is meaningful to your audience. In essence, turning data into desire.

Research: It’s the foundation of everything we do. Whether it’s to determine the prioritized attributes of a specific market segment in a decision making process, the emotional effects of a brand on a consumers’ psyche, statistically driven multivariate analysis to yield certainty levels in excess of 95% or simply the analysis of all existing literature and information globally available and competitive analysis — it’s the initial stage in truly predictive decision making.

Analytics: Marketing decisions should be founded in analytics and have a measurable outcome. Yet, decision making as a science is far from the norm. Marketing strategies are still widely developed instinctively as though they are something intuitively divined. Even marketing research driven decisions are often based on questionable methodologies and made with less than acceptable levels of confidence. With Daniel + Roberts, every decision or recommendation is based on verifiable statistical research. We don’t divine or intuit anything. We remove the words “assume” and “believe” from your vocabulary. We actually make predictive analytics happen.

Strategy: Whether the objective is generating sales, building brands or changing social behavior, we start with a substructure of understanding who the customers is. Not just a segmentation study but our proprietary segmentation study. Your marketing strategy utilizes those segments along with our available 20,000 databases consisting of behavioral, attitudinal and dedicated media consumption statistics. We then develop an approach that is statistically valid, easy to communicate and makes sense.

Brand Planning: Successful brands know what they stand for and have an understanding of where they fit into the culture at large. It’s no longer just about making a good product and the sales will follow. This is especially true in a social media landscape that is dynamic and fluid. Consumers expect companies to make good products, but they expect more: social responsibility, corporate citizenship and relevance. We can help you be a part of the conversation of consumers by creating brand platforms that create bonds between you and your customers. And those are the bonds that build business.

Creative: Writers, artists, technologists, editors and thinkers all come together here. Sometimes their ideas are big and bold, sometimes they are subtle and nimble, but they must always be inspired. Making something, relevant, fun, joyful and emotional is the job of the creative. These folks are a little different. They think differently and look at the world in unique ways. But then again, what epic idea ever came from looking at things the same old way?

Digital: Computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and of course wearable technologies, the digital world has opened up unprecedented new ways to reach out and connect with your clients and customers. With our understanding of data utilization, creative development and technology implementation, we have the know-how to develop targeted and influential multi-channel programs that connect people with your brand experience, product or service through digital, social, mobile and eCommerce.

Media Planning and Buying: There is no one way to reach an audience. Media choices multiply daily, some burning out before they get started, others changing the landscape forever. Print, digital, social, sweepstakes, promotions are options, or, a combination of all. Wherever your audience is, we reach them.

Social Influence: To be an effective brand you must be part of the social conversation. Our storytellers, digital strategists, content developers and relationship experts will help you manage your story. The new economy is the economy of social influence and we offer a full range of solutions and ideas to make you a positive part of the social dialogue.

Photography: Imagery has never been more important. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now, more than ever, this is true. The viewer interprets a visual image far faster than the printed or spoken word. Our spectacular in house photography is available to create magic for your brand. Why? It’s simple. We believe it offers us more control, is efficient, cost effective and provides for yet another touchpoint that is absolutely unique and yours alone.

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multicultural marketing

Multicultural marketing is marketing that’s tuned to resonate with populations beyond, or other than, the predominant culture. Why is multicultural marketing in evolving field in the United States? Because the cultural landscape is changing.

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2014 there were more than 20 million children under 5 years old living in the U.S. and 50.2 percent of them were minorities.
US News

By 2020, Hispanics will account for more than 50 percent of the country’s total population growth, and African-Americans will account for 18 percent.

And non-white consumers are already playing a critical role in many markets. According to Nielsen Market Research, multicultural consumers make up a disproportionate percentage of the “Super Consumers” who drive at least 30 percent of sales, 40 percent of growth and 50 percent of profits in 15 major markets.

So, how does marketing need to adapt?

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