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We believe in a simple concept:
The sweet spot.
Where data and creativity align.

That means precision marketing.


Daniels + Roberts has been attracting guests to destinations around the world for 25 years. Engaged by major operators, management companies, ownership groups and independent boutiques, we’ve increased clients profitability through raising ADR, and occupancy rates; opened new properties, built brands and analyzed brand values.

More than an ‘agency’, we’re strategists, researchers, data miners, storytellers, brand architects and digital experts.

why d+r?

Hospitality marketing is inundated with terms like research, measurement, targeting and analytics and the list continues to expand. On the surface, it’s a sea of sameness. One would assume that everyone says and does the same thing. However, that is far from the case. To date, decision making as a science is far from the norm. Marketing strategies are still widely developed instinctively as though they are something intuitively divined. Even research driven decisions are often based on questionable methodologies and made with less than acceptable levels of confidence.

Daniels + Roberts brings to the hospitality segment, methodologies that embrace our consumer products experience with the most prestigious consumer and B to B brands to date. Consider P&G, IBM, Dole, Microsoft, Medicis, Chase and Pfizer to name a few. Not to mention the fact that Daniels + Roberts was responsible for the first utilization of advanced statistical marketing in the hospitality segment in 1995.

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With Daniels + Roberts, every decision or recommendation can be based on verifiable quantitative statistical research.

We don’t divine or intuit anything.

You can expect us to:


Define Proprietary Customer Segments.

Clearly identify who to market to, when to market and what to offer

Identify Customer Decision Factors.

Examine the decision factors that attract a specific type of customer. Each customer segment bases their decision on different criteria with varying amounts of importance based on each.

Craft the Right Message and the Right Offer.

Define the characteristics and the appropriate message that causes customers to act… allowing you to develop precise offers for particular customers.

Lead with Precision and Accuracy.

All creative development and media choices are built on the findings of analysis setting aside subjectivity and anecdotal decisions, therefore adding certainty and eliminating wasted marketing spend

Unearth Opportunities.

Capture and identify DATA to recognize opportunities for additional revenue generation and pinpoint areas in need of operational improvement.

Achieve Hyper-Effective Results.

Real time analysis of all ongoing programs in order to optimize effectiveness and provide benchmarks for further testing.

some of the brands that
have picked our brains.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Fairmont Hotels and Resorts
Interstate Hotels and Resorts
Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
Marriott Hotels - Resorts - Suites
Royal Caribbean
PGA National
Waldorf Astoria Orlando
Turnberry Associates
Streamsong Resort - Golf - Spa
Pink Sands Harbour Island
Orchestra Hotels and Resorts
Hilton Ft Lauderdale Beach Resort
Hilton Fontainebleau
Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek
Conrad Hotels and Resorts
Bourbon Steak

Case Studies


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