art + science

Progress has often been driven by the exploration of art and science.

Art and science inspire each other. But when we draw upon both of these lines, the essence of progress emerges.

inspiration + analysis

Raw inspiration seeks direction, and opinions are not enough.

Daniels + Roberts DAVINCI is Data and Analytics Virtual Intelligence Nexus for Creative Influence. DAVINCI pairs market-leading data analysis with creative insight to design marketing messages that are inspired by discovery.

collection + selection

The first phase of the DAVINCI collects the latest market data and refines the raw numbers into initial trends

  1. 1. Data Integration and Augmentation
  2. 2. Data Analysis
  3. 3. Segmentation

    With a foundation of data, we engage our creative teams
    for a deep understanding of the prospect universe(s)

  4. 4. Media Selection

identification + creation

The second phase of DAVINCI examines the detailed demographics behind the market trends.

  1. 5. Geo Identification
  2. 6. Choice Analysis
  3. 7. Prospect Replication

    This data gives the creative team a perfect focus
    for planning and inspiration.

  4. 8. Message Development
  5. 9. Creative Execution

    In creative execution, our team can respond
    to a truly focused vision.

the culmination

These phases flow together to feed an informed creative process that aligns and refines the message.

The DAVINCI system is a culmination of craft and creation that uncovers audiences, tailors messages, and delivers results.

Davinci | Daniels + Roberts, Inc


The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.

— Leonardo da Vinci